Chamber Shaft Seal

The high-performance shaft seal RotaSeal KD-3 is an economic shaft seal. Because of its modular system, the single parts can be assembled according to the various operating conditions. Chamber, barrier gas and/ or grease barrier as well as intermediate chamber are designed depending on the special operating conditions.

The respective chamber elements are solid. The shaft seal is formed by the axial screw connection of each chamber element. The chamber elements are delivered including drillings for the holder screws.

The seal elements are multi-part radially cut and are held onto the shaft by the garter spring.

The material of chamber and seal ring is chosen according to the specific operating conditions. The chamber materials are stainless steel, e.g. 1.4571, 1.4021, 1.4539 as well as special materials such as Titan, Hastelloy etc.

The materials for the seal elements can be a variety of PTFE compounds or several artificial carbon qualities.

The RotaSeal KD-3 series is mainly used for the seal of small or middle-sized ventilators, fans, compressors and bearing seals.

Grease chambers do increase the tightness: the grease barriers may reduce the barrier gas volume respectively the leakage by up to 90 %. Barrier gas is indispensable when solid containing media or even toxic media are to be sealed.

As in a modular system, the high-performance shaft seal RotaSeal Type KD-3 can be flexibly assembled from the above mentioned elements for several operating conditions.

The chambers are produced with drillings for the appropriate holder screws. In case of narrow installation spaces, long slots should be preferred.




The modular system:
a survey of the single elements


When assembling the seal rings only those single segments with the same numbering may be assembled!

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