The High-Performance Shaft Seal

The thermoelastic high-performance seal Multi-Seal is an alternative for mechanical seals and braided packings.

The thermoelastic high-performance seal TEDIMA MultiSeal operates with a seal lip of a modified PTFE material with stopped cold flow. This material is produced in a special process under the brand name ‘TEDEX’. Seal lips made of TEDEX have a considerable memory effect, high elasticity, low friction, high wearing quality and do not need a metallic spring element.

TEDIMA high-performance MultiSeals are especially produced to ensure a reliable seal for rotating shafts with high pressure, high peripheral speed, high temperature, aggressive media, poor lubrication or dry running. With these applications, conventional radial shaft seal rings are not an ideal option because of the Elastomer material of their seal lips.



MultiSeal Single lip
MultSeal Double lip, back-to-back   MultSeal Double lip, tandem

Application in the food and pharmaceutical industry

Both the MultiSeal Standard single and double lip are appropriate for the above sensitive application fields.

Advantages of MultiSeal:

• applicable with pressure and vacuum
• suitable for high peripheral speed
• temperature resistant up to 260°C
• excellent resistance with chemical media
• applicable in the sensitive food and pharmaceutical industries
• wear-resistance and low friction
• outstanding behaviour under dry running conditions

Some typical applications:

• centrifuges
• mixing machines
• compressors
• agitators
• pumps
• rotary valves
• rotary feedthroughs
• screw-conveyors
• separators



With the wide variety of requirements, the thermoelastic MultiSeal offers various economic solutions.
That is why TEDIMA provides five different product versions – starting from the standard seal rings which are available ex stock up to the special constructions made up to the customer’s requirements.

TEDIMA type range:

• MultiSeal Standard
• MultiSeal Standard with double lip
• MultiSeal Set of lips
• MultiSeal Special
• MultiSeal Floating seal