Where MultiSeal Standard or the MultiSeal set of lips are not first choice because of special installation reasons, TEDIMA offers still further solutions. The configuration of single and double-lip are dimensionally standardized and represent an economic seal for special solutions.

MultiSeal Special is available in several other materials than the standard ones.

MultiSeal Special, single lip

multiseal_special_sketch_01   multiseal_special_sketch_02

Order example for shaft-Ø 80; 10 bar:
TEDIMA MultiSeal special 80 × 108 × 10, 10 bar,

Order example with O-Ring
TEDIMA MultiSeal special 80 × 110 × 10, 10 bar
with O-Ring

MultiSeal Special, double lip





version up to 5 bar   version up to 25 bar
multiseal_special_chart_02   Order example for shaft80; 10 bar:
TEDIMA MultiSeal Special,  double lip tandem
80 × 110 × 20, 10 bar with O-ring

MultiSeal Special, double lip



Order example for shaft-Ø 80; 10 bar:
TEDIMA MultiSeal Special,
double lip p-v 80 × 110 × 17,
10 bar mit O-Ring