Hygienic and Aseptic Seals – Keeping your process integrity at all time

The solution for controlled and reliable sealing of rotating movements with an absolute protection of (valuable) product, people and the environment. The dead-space free construction can be cleaned from the internal part of the seal by means of CIP and / or SIP. It is also possible to provide the seal with a sterile barrier for use in high-care aseptic and pharmaceutical applications. The condition of the seal can be carefully checked and monitored during its lifetime. A compressed air or barrier-gas signal reports the integrity "health" of the seal. This makes it possible to accurately monitor 24/7 the seal integrity and predict maintenance. No complex and costly subsystems are required, as is customary with traditional mechanical seal systems.


Application areas include process installations and machines where a rotating movement must be reliable, product-friendly and optimally sealed used in the following industries;

• Beer and soft drinks industry    • Food industry    • Pharmaceutical industry

Learn more about a case study for TEDIMA Advanced Hygienic Sealing Technologie at Sanquin Blutbank Amsterdam:
Application example for Advanced Hygienic Sealing

Product specifications

Available sizes Ø20 t/m Ø600 mm
Available designs Clamped, flanged or as swimming execution
With or without integrated support bearing
Design pressure 1 up to 10 bar
Design temperature -90°C up to +220°C
Housing Standard Stainless Steel 1.4571 (316Ti), optional Duplex 1.4462,
Hastelloy and Titan
Lip Seals EdiFLON Super HP - TEDEX
Elastomer EPDM, Viton, NBR, Silicone
Shaft protection TMP70 - FDA
Certification CE1935/2004, EU10/2011 and FDA
ATEX Available for ATEX gas and liquid applications
Design classification Aseptic Type EL - Aseptic CLASS I
Hygienic Type EL - CLASS I

Benefits and features

  • Interchangeability with existing sealing systems
  • Dead-space free construction towards product
  • Cleanable with CIP / SIP, both internally and externally
  • Can be provided with a sterile barrier
  • Integrity controllable over the entire service life - Alert Status
  • Suitable for pressure, vacuum or combined pressure / vacuum application
  • Simplicity - keep it simple for service and maintenance
  • Very attractive OPEX and TCO
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Wear-resistant and low frictional resistance
  • Excellent dry-running properties
  • No subsystems needed


Working principle






The CIP / SIP connection is connected to a controlled branch of the CIP / SIP main line and runs along
with the normal cleaning process. Seal is hereby cleaned both internally and externally. By means of the
compressed air or barrier-gas control signal it is possible to check the integrity "health" of the seal 24/7.

If desired, it is possible to set a predefined alert status, being:

  • Low alarm - Warning starting leak
  • Medium alarm - Warning maintenance upcoming
  • High alarm - Warning requires immediate maintenance


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