Anga Mechanical Seals

TEDIMA is the official German representation of ANGA Mechanical Seals Ltd. in Poland.

This is a pure Polish private manufacturing business established in 1981. The company is situated in South Poland in Podbeskidzie (Silesian province) nearby Bielsko-Biala, and about 50 km from Katowice and 90 km from Krakow.

Same as TEDIMA GmbH, the company ANGA Mechanical Seals is engaged with the sealing technology where the special focus is on mechanical seals.

Mechanical seals are used in different systems with rotating shafts, such as centrifugal pumps, agitators, reactors, fans and similar facilities. The company ANGA offers a wide range of mechanical seals:

  • Mechanical seals with rubber bellows
  • Mechanical seals with metal bellows, air springs, as well as PTFE - Bellows
  • Single- and double mechanical seals
  • Cartridge mounted mechanical seals

Products of the ANGA Mechanical Seals GmbH can be directly purchased from TEDIMA GmbH in Germany.

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Partner in Netherlands

Gpi De Gouwe is specialist for process equipment in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industrie.



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