Chamber Shaft Seal

The shaft seal of our production range GD-5 is a sliding three-piece carbon seal ring for the application in blowers, agitators, dryers, stirring units, fermenters etc.

The three-piece seal elements are made from PTFEcompound or special carbon and are produced in an adjustable version, i.e. with overlapping mortised, gastight joints. By the garter spring and the existing medium/barrier gas pressure, the seal ring elements are permanently pressed to the shaft respectively the
shaft sleeve. Because of the continuous sliding contact between seal ring and shaft respectively shaft sleeve, latter ones should be furnished with a wear protection. Further details are given in our brochure: Shaft Sleeves Type TWB 2.

Special characteristics:

  • Easy mounting and dismounting because of split housing
  • Low leakage even with different operating temperatures because of adjustable seal rings

The adjustable seal rings have to be installed depending on the rotation and pressure direction. On this, please follow our installation instruction.




Technical data





The production line GD-5 consists of the following types:chart_03_rotaseal_chamber